The Website that could End Homelessness in Los Angeles

[Originally printed in Governing Magazine]


It isn’t easy being homeless anywhere, but it seems especially tough in Los Angeles. Despite the dizzying array of services, Los Angeles County is America’s homeless capital, with more than 52,000 unsheltered individuals sleeping on its streets nightly — many of them settling inside the dangerous downtown tent city of Skid Row.

Now, a collection of public and private groups wants to end homelessness in the region, and it wants to do it with a digital program first tested in Skid Row in 2013.… Read more

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L.A. to Spend $213M on High-Tech Help for Homeless

[Originally published by Next City Magazine]


Perhaps no place in the U.S. has struggled more with homelessness than Los Angeles, where there’s a nightly unsheltered count of roughly 25,000. Despite laudable projects like Skid Row Housing Trust’s high-design housing for formerly homeless Angelenos, the brutal reality is that to get support, many living on the streets face navigating a maze of disconnected agencies. Now, L.A. County is hoping that expanding a new digital solution will ease that process.

Last month, a group of public and private interests, including the L.A.… Read more

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Downtown L.A.: Splashes of Color and Soul on a Blanket of Asphalt

[Originally published by the Urban Times]

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Los Angeles, CA–The comment popped up randomnly while walking along Spring Street, which has been the center of revival in downtown Los Angeles:

“L.A.’s downtown is very ghetto fabulous,” said Lee, who was my drinking companion that night. “And sometimes, it’s just plain ghetto.”

What he meant, using generation Y’s version of the word, was that the neighborhood had the workaday authenticity now lacking in other downtowns: it was diverse, dimly lit, industrial and unclean, with few tourists or green spaces, and a shocking number of street people.… Read more

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