A Conversation With Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett

[Originally published by Forbes]


Oklahoma City, OK–With Donald Trump’s election—along with Republican majorities in the House and Senate, and Republican governorships in 31 states–this would seem like a golden age for the GOP. And yet something about the party feels unsustainable. Their branding, now rooted more in nativism and white identity politics than in promoting liberalized markets, is unpopular in urban areas. According to an Atlantic Magazine report, this recent election, for all its supposed race and gender divides, was really about city versus country. 88 of America’s 100 largest counties (all of them over 600,000 people) voted for Hillary Clinton, marking a dramatic increase even since Al Gore’s presidential run. Meanwhile Trump dominated the roughly 3,000 smaller counties.

The problem for Republicans is that America is moving at a greater percentage into these large counties…[read the rest at Forbes]