Globalism — Not Nativism — Is What Made America’s Cities Great

[Originally published by Forbes]


Glendale, CA–I could tell when first arriving in Glendale that this wasn’t a stereotypical American suburb. I’d reserved a place here for the Los Angeles portion of my cross-country trip, after hearing that it was a cheap and amenity-rich city close to central L.A. But what has immediately jumped out is the diversity of this 30-square-mile, 200,000-person city, with Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Oriental, European and Caucasus communities functioning side by side. All the same, it’s a thriving city that performs above-average economically and culturally. Thus Glendale, like greater Los Angeles and so many other immigrant-oriented U.S. cities, is an example of the globalist model that makes America great; and a counterpunch to the nativism being peddled by President elect Donald Trump…[read the rest at Forbes]