America’s Progressive Developers–The Uptown Gateway Council

[Originally published by Market Urbanism]


[part of an MU series by Scott Beyer on America’s Progressive Developers]

San Diego, CA–There is a scourge afflicting U.S. cities, and it is a little thing called “downzoning.” Over the past few decades, cities that were already suffering the side-effects of underdevelopment worsened their problems through stronger regulations, further reducing build-out on their infill lots. Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, a large portion of Los Angeles was downzoned, even as population steadily grew. New York City has established a regulatory framework that would outlaw 40% of buildings today. Miami, thanks to parking regulations, has effectively illegalized the type of development that created Little Havana. And there are countless other examples, meaning that the dense land use pattern which first made our cities great can no longer be replicated, and in many cases is further prevented….[read the rest at Market Urbanism]