Philadelphia’s SEPTA Transit Workers Go On Strike…Again

[Originally published by Forbes]


It has become a familiar story: Philadelphia’s public transit workers are on strike. At 12:01 am on November 1st, 4,738 unionized employees ceased working after failed negotiations with SEPTA. This is their first strike since 2014–when President Obama himself had to intervene via executive order–and their 10th since 1977, making SEPTA America’s most strike-prone transit agency, with a new strike every 4 years on average. And while the length and magnitude of this strike remains unknown, it is different from past ones in the following way: Philadelphians finally have viable private options to fall back on. The strike could thus prove counterproductive for the workers, as their patrons, while waiting in the northeastern November cold, could discover a better long-term alternative…[originally published by Forbes]