Austin’s Rail Transit Boondoggle, Further Explained

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Several months ago, while living in Austin, I wrote a critique of the city’s commuter rail line. In a lengthy op-ed, I described the train as “a monument to government waste” and “perhaps America’s leading rail transit failure.” The reaction was swift and visceral. The article’s comments section filled up with locals both for and against the train. The local press ate it up too, with the article reviewed by the Austin American-Statesman, the Austin Business Journal, and several area blogs. A few nights later I was the feature interview on the 6pm news for Austin’s ABC affiliate. And the article even prompted a written response from Capital Metro, the area’s government transit agency. In the process, I got a refresher on the sophistry that rail advocates use to justify these boondoggles. I felt the need to address some of their points in a follow-up piece…[read the rest at Forbes]