Meet The Millennials Transforming San Antonio

[Originally published by Forbes]


San Antonio, TX—The dinner party that I hosted in late August, while passing through one night during my 1,000-mile drive between Austin and Phoenix, offered the quintessential combo of old and new San Antonio. I was dining at La Fonda On Main, a San Antonio institution in the historic Alta Vista neighborhood that is famous for its upscale Mexican cuisine. Yet sitting in the restaurant’s back room with me, amid the clatter from the kitchen, was a group that personifies the new San Antonio: 11 professional-class Millennials, selected at random, who are launching their careers in the Alamo City. I had organized this group, with the help of a young professional social club called LOOP San Antonio, and downtown developer Juan Esteban Cano, because I wanted a snapshot of the youth moment in this increasingly dynamic city…[read the rest at Forbes]