‘Mexican Nationals’ Are Transforming San Antonio

[Originally published by Forbes]


San Antonio, TX–The oddest thing about today’s anti-immigration rhetoric, namely against Mexicans, is that it comes during an era when Mexican immigration has declined. According to American Community Survey data compiled by UT-San Antonio public policy dean Rogelio Saenz, “the volume of migration from Mexico to the United States fell from 1.9 million in 2003–2007 to 819,000 in 2008–2012, a drop of 57 percent,” and the decline has continued in recent years. Meanwhile, he writes, the demographic nature of these immigrants has changed. While stereotypes persist of the poor Mexican agricultural worker who lives on welfare, the more recent migrants have been rich, educated professionals who park their substantial assets here, and are known colloquially as ‘Mexican Nationals.’ They work white-collar jobs in destination cities with strong existing Mexican ties, such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston and Dallas. But nowhere has their presence—and their transformative qualities—been stronger than in the nation’s Mexican-American capital, San Antonio…[read the rest at Forbes]