Does Bernie Sanders Actually Think NAFTA Is What Killed Detroit?

[Originally published by Forbes]


Listen to Bernie Sanders talk, and you grow convinced that he’s every bit as deluded now as when he was a young Communist sympathizer. He has spent his presidential campaign spouting ideas that sound wonderful, but have no basis in economic or socio-political reality–and that are inspired by a destructive, crash-and-burn style of radicalism. Rather than sensibly regulating the fossil fuel industry, for example, Bernie wants to end it, never mind that this would cause massive job loss, declining tax revenues, high energy prices, and would send the industry into even worse-polluting countries. Bernie promises “free” college education, pre-kindergarten and health care, a rhetorical sleight of hand that suggests these services come with no costs. Bernie says he’ll pay for all this by raising taxes—in some cases severely—on most Americans, yet will somehow magically still spur 5% annual growth (a position slammed by several prominent left-leaning economists). And this week, Bernie employed his fact-free worldview onto the ills of urban America, claiming that NAFTA and other trade deals were what killed Detroit…[read the rest at Forbes]