The Quirks Of New Orleans Culture: Everything Else

[Originally published by Forbes]


[The last in a 4-part series on what makes New Orleans different. Here’s part onepart two and part three.]


New Orleans, LA–Several days have passed since Fat Tuesday, on February 9, when this city concluded Mardi Gras. The streets have since gone from featuring topless women, gorilla-suited trombonists, and breakdancers with Donald Trump masks, to people enduring their normal routines. That said, New Orleans still isn’t functioning like most cities do, and likely never will. For example, last night I was eating at a local diner, Parkway Bakery, when the place was randomly invaded by costume-wearing bicyclists on a pub crawl. After exiting, I mentioned to the doorman that I thought Mardi Gras had ended.

“Mardi Gras has ended,” he said. “This is just a normal day in New Orleans.”…[read the rest at Forbes]