City Journal’s 25th Anniversary Issue Is An Urban Policy Goldmine

[Originally published by Forbes]


Ever since becoming a cross-country traveler, I’ve visited New York City for at least one weekend every year to track all the new developments. The last couple trips, I’ve included a meeting with Aaron Renn, who is a Manhattan Institute fellow, author of the popular Urbanophile blog, and great resource for discussing all things city and urban. Last Monday, I visited him at MI’s midtown office. During our conversation, a staffer went around passing out advanced copies of the 25th anniversary edition of City Journal, the institute’s quarterly publication. Renn handed me his copy for my flight back to Miami, and I’ve since read it cover-to-cover. Like past issues, this Autumn 2015 one is an urban policy goldmine, and even more given it’s a special double issue…[read the rest at Forbes]