Will San Francisco’s Creative Class Leave For Portland?

[Originally published by Forbes]


Several summers ago, while living in San Francisco, I would attend a weekly writer’s group that mirrored the ones likely found during the city’s artistic heyday. It was a bunch of unknowns who would gather in a room downtown to read their works aloud, and then await the avalanche of criticism from other participants. I remember one particularly quirky guy (he wrote sci-fi novels featuring graphic sex scenes between aliens) who told me one night that he liked my article on the city’s expensive housing market. “I’m getting tired of high prices in San Francisco too,” he said. “I’m 52, and still can’t afford a home.” So he was seeking a cheaper city with a similar culture, and was thus considering Portland. I don’t know if he wound up moving, but if so, he will have followers—and not just other starving artists.   [read the rest at Forbes]